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MINA | Bologna | Tuo domicilio

Hi, my name is Mina Uzel. I came to Bologna University to study for a year with the Erasmus program. I'm staying in a room of an apartment right now. I had one cat and her name was Mocha, unfortunately passed away 5 months ago, I was interested in her care. I know how to care on a cat. I know that it's not easy to look at cats. They need lots of love and attention. I did not care on animals as a work in my own country, but I have cared at my family's and friends' cats before. I like cats lot, I think they all have different characters like people to get along well with them, you should recognize and understand them. Also, I will carefully follow all your instructions to make your cat happy. I will keep you informed about your cat's health, the activities I do with your cat, documenting everything with videos or photos.

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    • Bologna
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    • 10€ al giorno
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    • 349 768 7883
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